For wherever two Armenians meet in the World, they will create A New Armenia

- William Saroyan

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This is a powerful story about the courage, honor, sacrifice, resilience, and spiritual fortitude of the Armenian people, as illustrated through the trials and travails of the Badrigian family.

Based on eyewitness testimony and secondhand accounts passed from one generation to the next, Armenia’s Fingerprint tells the story of teenage sisters Diana and Alisia. When circumstances beyond their control test their faith, inner strength, and ability to survive, they quickly learn the meaning of life—and death. Although they must leave their father behind and abandon their home and the life they once knew, Diana and Alisia are not alone.

Accompanying them is their remarkable mother. Together, they will build a family of refugees fleeing the first (in modern history) attempt at genocide. While the ghastly encounters within this book are not for the faint of heart, some stories need to be told without censorship or polite euphemisms.

This is such a tale.

“This is one of those rare novels where the reader is immediately drawn into the story in the first few pages…an amalgam of actual experiences of Armenian families during the horror of what many call "the forgotten genocide…it provokes the deepest emotions."

- Ludwig W.

“This book is breathtaking, bone-chilling, inspirational, and heart-stabbing all at once. In Greek, we say 'evge!', or well done!”

- Father Nicholas Kastanas, Saint Athanoasios church in Arlington, MA

"When Love Survives, We all Win"

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A Resilient Famiily

Meet Bruce Badrigian

Bruce Badrigian is a grandchild of the Armenian Genocide. His Grandmother, Isgouhi Badrigian, watched her first three daughters starve to death when they tried to escape the invading Turks around 1915. Isgouhi’s first husband was killed trying to save his family. It was her strength, courage, and pursuit of freedom that stirred Bruce to write Armenia’s Fingerprint

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Armenia's Fingerprint is for all people, and all victims of genocide across the world–yesterday, today... and tomorrow.

- Bruce Badrigian

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The History Of Armenia

Armenians should remember the Armenian Quarter in the old city of Jerusalem.  This Armenian presence in Jerusalem dates back to the 4th century AD, for that is when Armenia adopted Christianity as a state religion (the first state in the world to do so). This fact is of the utmost importance because the Armenian Quarter of the Holy Land (Old City Jerusalem) is the oldest living diaspora community outside of Armenia.  Our own Jesus Christ walked on these stones. It is holy and sanctified ground, and it is Armenian. The remaining three quarters of the Holy Land are labeled by religion: the Jewish Quarter, the Christian Quarter and the Muslim Quarter. However, the term “Armenian Quarter” distinguishes us from any religion because it places emphasis on our unique and rarified ethnicity.

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