Why Russia Needs Armenia and Turkey's Arrogance

Why Russia Needs Armenia

Let’s take a close look at the symbiotic relationship between Russia and Armenia.  First, Russia’s pressure on Nikol Pashinyan (Armenia’s PM) underscores how Armenia is Russia’s only true ally in the strategically important Caucasus. Still, Putin was able to broker a deal between Armenia and Azerbaijan that rewarded Azerbaijan and hurt Armenians (thousands of unnecessary deaths). 

Most of us still remember Armenia’s democratic Velvet Revolution in 2018. Armenia strives to operate under a true democratic government and not a corrupt dictatorship like in Russia. Therefore when Pashinyan gave in to Putin’s pressure, he was almost overthrown by the Armenians who clearly understood what was sacrificed.  Did Pashinyan have a choice?

Well, if Russia loses Armenia, it very well may lose the entire Caucasus which includes Georgia and Azerbaijan. Here is why. Say Armenia joins the Western Bloc of Nato/America/Europe. One could also count Israel and Turkey; however, Turkey’s leader, Erdogan the LandGrabber, is on the outs with America right now because of his recent attempts to complete his 1974 illegal invasion of Cypress by claiming that Varoshia/Famagusta (in Cypress) belongs to Turkey and not Greece. Also, Erdogan plans to declare that Northern Cypress (40%) is now an Islamic Cypriot state protected under his Neo-Ottoman Army. Finally, he would simply declare that 50% of Cypress’ gas and oil reserves are now Turkey’s and if anyone objects he would use his “mighty” Turkish army to impose his will; he is not asking—he is telling the world his plans in typical bully arrogance.

Of course, much of Erdogan’s posturing is the result of weak EU sanctions that have only encouraged his grandiose plans. However, he may be in for a surprise from the USA and others when push comes to shove. When challenged (as do all bullies), Erdogan backs down and waits for another time to try again. Stay in touch here at www.armeniasfingerprint.com for the latest updates.

Note: Many thanks to the brilliant Armenian writer/journalist David Boyajian for his intrepid efforts and insight into Armenia’s dilemma.  Also, credit goes to the excellent Greek newspaper The National Herald for their consistent reporting of this tense showdown.

Bruce Badrigian

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