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"Emotion sits right next to you, not in the back seat"

- Amazon Books

“This book is breathtaking, bone-chilling, inspirational, and heart-stabbing all at once. In Greek we say 'evge!', or well done!”

- Father Kastanas, Greek Priest

"When Love Survives, We all Win"

- Amazon Books

Armenia’s Fingerprint

Ancestral Bonds overcome Tyranny

My grandmother’s entire family were killed: her relatives, her husband, and her three daughters whom she watched starve to death. Yet, she walked through the valley of death and began anew.

Her story is symbolically told within the pages of Armenia’s Fingerprint.

"My eyes have been opened to the heart wrenching treatment of the Armenian people…I could not put this book down." 

-  Kathy Ponting

Armenia‘s Fingerprint transported me to a time and place where man’s inhumanity eclipsed the horror of war...This story should be required reading or history will repeat itself and we all will be to blame. 

- Derek Langlois 

Beneath The Pages

The Story Behind The Novel


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