Origins of the Armenian Genocide

In the late 19th Century, Turkey’s leadership devised a systematic plan to remove all Christians. These plans peaked in 1915 when on April 24th Turks arrested many prominent Armenian leaders throughout Turkey and Armenia. These men were politicians, professors, artists, businessmen, engineers, architects, priests, bankers, and others. These individuals were hung, decapitated, and tortured. These acts were often held in public squares, so the corpses could be used to intimidate, frighten, and demoralize Armenians.

The elimination of Armenians, Greeks, and other Christians continued during WWI while the world was busy looking the other way. When observers reported these atrocities to the world, most countries could not believe any humans would treat other humans in such a brutal manner for no substantial reason other than a different religious belief.

After WWI, the genocide of Armenians was mostly complete; approximately 70% of all Armenians were either killed or forced to flee to other countries. Today, there are more Armenians (and hybrid Armenians) living in other countries than in Armenia itself. During this time, historic Armenia lost the vast lands it had inhabited for more than 3,000 years. Even the green valleys, rivers, and forests at the base of Mt. Ararat where the Armenian Race began were taken. These sacred lands were inhabited by Hayk and King Tigranes long before  the Turks invaded their holy land. The land where legend says Noah’s Holy Ark first landed. The land of the Garden of Eden and Adam and Eve. The land where the forbidden fruit tree existed and where Adam and Eve stained their perfect innocence by partaking of that tree’s fruit—a pomegranate.

Nevertheless, what was once sacred remains sacred and will someday be returned to its rightful people.

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