Putin & Erdogan ~ Genocidal Brothers

While the world watched Russian troops assemble on the border of Ukraine, Putin repeatedly denied any plans to invade Ukraine. His lies were mostly believed...until he sent Russian troops over the border into an independent democratically elected free country. Devastation followed while the world looked on in shock. Putin did not expect NATO's response. It was swift and far-reaching: heavy sanctions, world condemnation, and a unifying of NATO. While determined to take the capitol of Ukraine in a matter of days, Putin failed to take it at all. Ukrainian resistance became legendary as soldiers and civilians fought to preserve their democracy. The entire world witnessed how important democracy was to the Ukrainian people. It opened many people's eyes to the fragility of democracy and how it must not be taken for granted.

Today, more than 100 days later, the Ukrainians fight on. They are not alone. More than 20,000 volunteers from around the world have poured into Ukraine to help fight against the Russian military. As time continues, Putin's frustration remains evident. He directs his military leaders to repeatedly bomb civilian sites: schools, churches, factories, apartment buildings, and other sites where casualties are likely to result. Such disregard for human life constitutes war crimes. Putin's genocidal behavior repeats Turkey's attempted genocide of the Armenians more than 100 years ago. Erdogan and Putin are both greedy expansionists bent on usurping the land of others. Watching the ongoing brutality in Ukraine, these horrid acts have inspired action by other countries. Weapons, money, and support flow into Ukraine to let them know they are not alone. Other countries in the area realize that if Putin conquers Ukraine, they may be next. Putin's goal seems to be to wipe Ukraine off the map by destroying their culture and breaking their will. Ukraine will then be part of Russia. As the United States (the largest contributor) continues its support, Putin rattles his nuclear saber threatening to use nuclear weapons. Will the world be willing to call his bluff? President Zelensky hopes the aid to his country continues. "I am not going anywhere. My wife and children are here. We will not give up."

Some argue that no country should be allowed to develop nuclear weapons, for it is only a matter of time before a human related accident sets of a cataclysmic chain of events that could end human life on our planet. Another way for nuclear disaster to occur is when a country elects a psychopath for a leader, and he decides to start a nuclear war. Is there any doubt that Putin is such a leader? And what about Kim of North Korea? Erdogan of Turkey? XI of China? Former President Trump of the USA? Nuclear weapons need to be banned, but who will be willing to take the first step? Logic would suggest the most powerful country should be first. Hopefully, the world will follow, and any country that refuses becomes a pariah that must be pressured to fall into line for the sake of our world and the longevity of the human race.

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